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6It can be a issue of diminishing return. When I first started carrying, a 5 shot .38 was plenty sufficient for a possible encounter. Then, pockets semi autos came along and with them, the ability to carry 6 or 6+1. Now, we have everyone and their brother making a micro carry with 10-13 rounds....as well as a 30 super carry that houses 16.
I think that more is always better but eventually, you do have to consider the cost/benefit of doing so. As as lot of others do, I rotate what I carry. On some days, I carry my Bodyguard .380, on others, I carry my 442 .38, or my Shield plus. I feel comfortable with all of them because I train with them as well as my other firearms on a regular basis.
Hopefully, I will never need one round to defend ....or 13.
Just my two cents.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts