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That does it...

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some of the threads I've been reading here have made up my mind for me. I was planning to start shopping around for my carry gun and eventually buy it in April/May when I got my permit. I wanted that feeling of walking into the shop, slapping my money down, and walking out with the gun. But with the way prices and availability seem to be getting, I guess I'll have to forego that wonderful feeling.

This Tuesday I'm getting out of work at 6PM and going to my range where I'll rent a few guns and try them out. Once my decision is made, I'll be heading to a gun show this coming weekend. If I find a decent price I'm buying it then. I'll wait the 5 days again, but I'll be da**ed if I'm going to sit by and watch the prices go up another $100 in the next 8 weeks.

I'll be firing the G26, G19, XD-9, and the M&P 9. One of those will do the trick, I think.

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ok this is just myt guess at theis but my feeling is you will buy the XD9 well let me explain why ok the G19 and 26 very fine guns if they actually have them now im sure the Xd will be thier cause people finding really slow how good a weapon it actually is and now for the M&P man good gun great feel on the hands great handling gun only problem is they asking almost $600.00 for it now to wait and see I say the Xd Anyone else care to chime in?
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