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1970, fully clothed in utility uniform, m14, we had to jump into a pool and stay afloat for an hour. Being a Marine, we could be boarding ships for transport at any time. We trained on the USS Enterprise going over the side on the nets and getting into the water sometime in March 70 just before deployment.

I'm still more concerned with the depth of the water I'm jumping into that gear I'm carrying. BUT, I've got that training and know how to stay afloat for some time. Rescuing someone else would be a whole different ball game clothed with gear. I'd be taking off my boots/shoes at the very least.

Back around 1996, one of my guards called me that there was someone unauthorized [ not checked in with security ] on one of the boats, he could hear them rummaging around but per orders, stayed back and observed. Told him to watch, I was on the way [ this at 2am or so middle of the winter ].

Got there, Duey pointed to one of the main docks, and specifically that finger dock where the boat was located. Told him to call non emergency police number and get them rolling to us. Got down to the finger dock and heard someone on one of the boats rummaging around below deck. Called out to come top side and identify themselves.

Guy about 30 came up, told him to come onto the dock. He seemed cooperative and did just that. Soon as he touched down, he ran, me in pursuit. When he slowed to make the main dock, I barreled on through and took him into the water. Beeper and gun on my person, forgot about all that in the moment.

I climbed back up on the dock and kept that turd from gaining the dock himself till the boys showed up and helped him out. Had Duey call the owner of the boat to come down, meet leo's and discuss what might have been vandalized. Beeper was toast, the J frame 38 was driven to S+W within a few days and they tore it apart, cleaned all the internals and handed it back to me after giving me a short tour of the facility, gratis I might add after they heard how I ended up in the Atlantic in the middle of the winter.

Never gave it a thought to take him into the water, the primary goal was to capture him, not stay dry at that moment in time. Would I do that again? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I'm older and wiser than in my 40's. 馃ぃ

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I thought I鈥檇 share this terrible situation for discussion purposes. My lovely wife and I were scooting around Islamorada on our Costco electric scooters. They have about a 6 inch wheel and can go about 25 miles an hour with a nice range.

We were crossing the drawbridge when there was an irregularity in the steel that she hit. It caused her to lose control and crash. I was behind her and saw the whole thing in slow motion. As the crash unfolded she went to her left fortunately away from motor vehicle traffic and hit the metal part of the bridge. I thought for one terrifying moment that she was going over.

It all happened in slow motion. A guy in a black Denali stopped and I mentally prepared to go over the bridge after her if necessary. It did occur to me during the slow motion phase that I had a cell phone, a performance center 642 in an ankle holster and another pistol in an IWB holster.

If she went over, I was going to wait for her to come up so I didn鈥檛 jump on her head. I did consider what to do with the weapons and cell phone and whether or not I should have handed them to the stranger that stopped to help or just leap in with my swimming ability compromised with an ankle holster. I even had the thought that a guy in a pick up would more likely be gun friendly than someone in a Prius.

Thoughts? What would you do?
HI Mr. Shark .. I've been mulling this over , also the members input what they would do , or likely do . Not to draw this out long , in my past i have learned one thing for myself personally .

Reacting to that split second of an accident or injury , I never had the time to think and just reacted . As i was not there , i just can't speculate and say I would've , could've or should've . The main thing is that your wife is on the recovery now. ;) (y)
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