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I put the Les Glock away and shot this one with the Shield .45 that I'm carrying today. I shot on steel because, well, as I stated in my original post that I prefer steel at this particular distance. Eight shots fired at tweny-five yards in 12.88 seconds from concealment. Not great, by a stretch, but adequate to satisfy the standards I have set for myself. One round hit right on the left edge about halfway up from the bottom. To that hit's immediate right, two hits close together, one above the other. Eight rounds, eight hits in the allotted time.

Lest there be any confusion, I re-post the pic of the silhouette overlaying the B27. If I'm not shooting Brownie drills or ranges beyond sixty yards or so, I don't like shooting B27s. View attachment 76969 View attachment 76970
Tweny five yards with yo fotty five? 馃憦
61 - 66 of 66 Posts