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First of all, tomahawks, hatchets and axes are not throwing weapons, per se; any more than a knife is. The same is true of spears [javelins are, in fact a throwing weapon]. All are designed to be used in the hand. Tactical tomahawks, those with both a blade and a spike or hammer on the poll do double duty as both a tool and a weapon. In combat, they provide more power than a knife while being easier to use and sturdier than a sword or machete. They are generally sturdier than a hatchet, but the latter is nearly as effective and is less likely to be seen as a weapon, rather than a tool. Having a hatchet or hawk, and knowing how to use it, can be a very valuable skill, especially if you may be spending time in the wild.

Tomahawk fighting techniques relatively simple and are easily mastered. These techniques include throwing, but throwing the tomahawk is usually a last ditch option and it suggested that the thrower have a second hawk or other weapon.
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