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Tactical Flashlight

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We've had some basic discussion about just about everything but tactical flashlights. What are some of the best and brightest for the money? How many of you guys and gals carry a tactical light?
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How many lumens do you need? The vast majority of Surefires being used by police are 60 lumens since it is the most common. It is also the most common on SF weapon lights. I have never had any problems with that being too little light for doing car stops, building searches or walk up stops.

Off duty before and retired now I prefer the Surefire L2 since it is Kubaton size and you can use the first stage 15 Lumen LED for common tasks but under stress you can push all the way and get 100 Lumen.


We have a few new Novatecs that are enroute for T&E, Novatec said it will become my new light, we'll see.

I am not a fan of dedicated lights on pistols since from what I have seen it leads to two major issues-
Using it as a gun attached to a light and not a light attached to a gun.
Failure of those carrying to carry a back up light.

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1 - 1 of 148 Posts
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