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Sweaty concealed weapons/ammo in hot Florida

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Well, I've been carrying now for two or three months, and it has turned into a quite natural event... slide the .38 snub in it's Mika's holster into my pocket and forget about it. Sometimes, the Glock 27 rides IWB in my Crossbreed holster.

It's getting hotter and I've been really sweaty many times, and wonder about the effect on my guns. It's easy to just keep carrying without thinking about maintenance.

I have cleaned the barrels a few times after some really sweaty days, but maybe not as frequently as I should. I wonder if there's a suggested maintenance routine for carrying concealed, especially in hot, sweaty climates.

One other thing that occured to me is how the moisture may be affecting the ammo. It's certainly not being 'stored' in a dry climate when strapped to my wet waist. I wouldn't want a dud when a kapow is required.

Thanks for sharing any thoughts on this.

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My suggestion would be to look at the DeSantis Nemesis holster first. Better retention in the pocket when drawing because of the exterior material, which also happens to be more sweat resistant. I sweat A LOT, ride a scooter, and never have a problem.

I have a Kel-Tec P32 now but carried the P-3AT before that. Same holster and basically the same gun. I make sure to get to the range a minimum of once a month, shoot my carry ammo when there (first three are Federal HS, rest are FMJ range ammo), and break it down to clean once every two or three months.

Not saying my routine will work for you but I think the DeSantis would help; in the pocket carry situation, at least.
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