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Absolutely it surely was ! I knew as soon as i had lifted the box [ around 25 lbs ] who it was from . My B.I.Law in Az had sent a full box of now Cleaned , assorted brass for my reloading . I even received .300 B/O brass . I had been working on reforming them and setting up my cut off saw & L.E. Wilson trimmer machine .

The most quantity was definitely in 9mm . Then some .38 Spl , .45 Acp & a box of [ 20 ] Win .270 all polished just like brand new brass . Also a few Win .308's and some .223's.

He had told me nothing was available at his outdoor range . He's been going out to shoot his firearms there for the last [ 18 ] months . He didn't tell me about that at all .

I know that i had helped him buy some new and like new firearms in .22's . The best one I had bought was a Henry lever action with the gold accents .

It's strange how things seems to come back when you least expected to receive anything . He is a Great guy who I've known all through high school . I just wanted to share this special gift . (y) (y)

P.S. - Anyone who would like these mint Win .270' brass , justly me know ,They're yours
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