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Standardization of Ammo?

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With the distinct possibility of ammo shortages or extreme taxation, I've been giving some thought to slimming down to just a couple different weapons that eat the same stuff. Here's what I'm contemplating;
  • .22 LR
  • .22 Mag
  • 9mm
  • .223
  • 12Ga 00 Buck

I think I'll keep just 2 Glocks, a 17 & 26, 2 NAA .22WMR revolvers, a Mini 14, Kel-Tec SU 16C and a SUB 2000,and a Mossberg 500. I have .22 conversion kits for the G17 and the Mini 14 for range use or small varmints.

My reasoning is that with the exception of the .22WMR, all of the above ammo is cheap and plentiful, allowing a greater stockpile. My SHTF bags need only 1 or 2 different ammo types (depending on which weapon is going in it).

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Ammo logistics have always made sense to me. I could buy more of what I needed by keeping the different calibers I needed as limited as possible.

For that reason I have kept my weapons of choice to .22, .38/.357, .45acp, .223, and 12 guage.

Somewhere I heard the motto ... "buy it cheap and stack it deep" :thumsup
Guess so. I was at the Orlando gun show today, and .38 special was readily available at $10/box (50- 148 grain wadcutter reloads).
Was this from Georgia Arms?
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