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SOUTHERN TROPHY SPORTS presents THE BIG BUCK EXPO - Get your CWP - July 10th & 11th

The event will have over 250 Outdoor & Hunting Exhibitors! Plus The BIG BUCK LOTTO!!!:popcorn

Check it out the class Schedule at www.equip2conceal.com

The class is 3 hours in duration including range time. The first two hours will be in the classroom and then 1 hour at the rang. Cost is $90 which includes your CWP application packet, Notary Service, Passport Photos for your Permit, Firearm Rental, ammunition, target, and Range Fee. :thumsup After completion of the clas you will get your Certificate to send in with your application for your CWP.

Please Pre-Register to Reserve your seat. Classes will fill up fast at the Expo. Check out the EXPO at www.thelakelandcenter.com
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