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South Florida Shooting Sports reopens, new location

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The original place, by Indiantown was very nice; too bad it was closed by the County early this year.
This one is quite a bit further from West Palm Beach, but it is the only outdoor range in the area (that I know of) and you could bring your own ammo !
As soon as I find the time to check it out, I'll post a report; if you go, please do the same.

Howdy JF
Tell a friend about the Open House: http://southfloridashootingsports.forwardtomyfriend.com/r/bkrurwi/24286A06/iuiijy/l

Great news about the Gun Club!
Okeechobee Shooting Sports is close to opening!

This is your VIP invite to open houses on August 8th and
15th for a preview of the shooting club and to check out what your
new range will be offering.

Join us between between 10am-4pm to:

• Hang out with your shooting buddies
• Try great BBQ at affordable prices
• Preview and shoot our Five Stand fields with your shotgun
• Inspect the pistol and rifle range
• Check out our Tactical Skill Range & LE Tactical Range
• See the progress on the new Trap and Skeet fields

As a bonus, join the club now at a pre-construction discount and
save money while getting in on the ground floor! Attend an Open
House to learn more.

Additionally, South Florida Shooting Sports Memberships will be
honored and prorated for the time remaining on the membership.
Come out to the Open House to sign your waiver and not have to
wait once we open. If you were a member of South Florida
Shooting Sports and your membership was close to renewal,
you can renew your membership with Okeechobee Shooting Sports
to keep your charter membership status and the benefits that come
with it.

Our Food and Beverage Vendor will be on site for the Open Houses,
so load up the family and come on out. We can't wait to show it
to you and get your feedback.

Hit our website to find driving directions and get more details
about what is coming in late august: http://www.okshooting.com

7055 NE48th St
Okeechobee, Fl 34972
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Good news, 5 minute drive from my house!
Its in the same location as the old range before they moved to the Indian Town location.
Good news, 5 minute drive from my house!
Its in the same location as the old range before they moved to the Indian Town location.
Great !!!
So you'll be able to give us a report on the status, more precisely, when the pistol range will open.
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