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I will be doing a couple courses during the first quarter of 2023.

Defensive Carbine-March 18th and 19th. Cost 500.00 for both days
Advanced Defensive Shotgun-April 8th and 9th. 500.00 for both days.

defensive carbine
Tactical reloads
Administrative reloads
Clearing malfunctions
Positional shooting
Engagement single and multiple aggressors
Shooting one the move
Cover and concealment
Son of a gun. I really wanted to take your Defensive Carbine-March 18th and 19th, but that will depend on exbluelight's class schedule.

Advanced Defensive Shotgun-April 8th and 9th - sign me up, but if you could send a PM on shotgun recommendations please? I'm looking at Mossberg 590 SPX, but only if I can take the front strap off.

I prefer shorter LOP because I like moving the butt of the shotgun off the shoulder and closer to the chest for better recoil control. I know, you taught us to apply opposite force to reduce felt recoil, but old habits die hard.

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Ok dates are set. I am sorry it took so long but I was subjected to Okeechobee Shooting Sports. Shotgun Course 3/11-3/12. Carbine Course 04/15-04/16.
These are the only dates I could get a range.
I will post curriculum and requirements over the weekend.
I need a minimum of 5 for each course.
Sorry for the short notice.
I'm in for Carbine. I'll need to check for shotgun.
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