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Someone please explain this ???

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Has anyone seen this youtube video where a DEA agent accidently shoots himself in the foot. Can someone please explain to me how this accident happened? Obviously he pulled the trigger, that I know. After cocking back and a dry fire (which he does) there's not suppose to be 1 in the chamber, right? Where was this 1 round hidden .. where did it come from? Anyone?

Here's the link:

Don't worry, its not graphic nor is there any blood shown. You dont even see the gun go off, you just hear it.
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I believe you are assuming he checked the magazine. While he did use the slide release, if he didn't pay attention to if there were rounds in the mag then he could have loaded a round when he closed the slide.

Bottom line is he wasn't aware of the weapon, and failed two rules of handling a firearm.

1. Every firearm is loaded. ALWAYS. He never would have pointed it at his foot had he known it was loaded.

2. Never put your finger on the trigger until are you are ready to shoot. Obviously, he did.

Heck you could also argue that he wasn't aware of his target and what was behind it. Though I tend to think it was the failure of the two I have listed which made the accident occur.
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