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SOLD!!!! - S&W 642 performance center® enhanced action 38 +p

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$350 *** SOLD ***
Complete with original box, lock, paperwork. Only 100 rounds through it. Smith & Wesson (S&W) PERFORMANCE CENTER® MODEL 642 ENHANCED ACTION SKU: 170348 Caliber: 38 S&W SPECIAL +P Only 15 ounces, aluminum frame, steel barrel. Custom Wood grips from the Performance Center, where the trigger is also made 20% smoother from the factory.
Must have valid Florida ID and CWP. Fort Myers area.

Here's more stats from Buds Gun Shop:

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That’s a nice one for sure! :thumsup
Thanks! It's mainly been a "safe queen" so it's time to let her move on. :grin
I CCW with my 642 and it is ideal for the job.
It's really lite for a .38 DAO revo and the trigger is made 20% smoother (thanks to the S&W Performance Center).
Bump for Mothers Day. :grin 20% smoother trigger from the S&W Performance Center is just what she needs. Just sayin...
*** SOLD *** On Florida Gun Trader..........
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