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So does reloading really save money?

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Hi all,

With the scarcity and price of ammunition becoming more of a problem as time goes on, I started thinking about loading my own ammo. I only shoot 9mm for now so that's all I'm looking at.

A box of winchester white box 115 gr is about $15 to $17 at the ranges where I shoot. If I extrapolate that to 1000 rds, the cost of that ammo comes to $300 to $340. Let's take that out to 10,000 rds. That's $3000 to $3400.

To get started loading my own ammo, I'd need to buy the equipment, and the components. If I'm firing about 150 rounds/week, does it make sense to reload?

Also, any tips on where to get equipment and what to buy?


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I'm wondering why you are buying your ammo from the gun shop?
I buy my ammo from Natchez and the last time i looked they had Blazer 9mm FMJ aluminum case for $8.59 per 50 round box.
Actually I try not to buy my ammo from a gun shop, ever. Unfortunately several of the shops around me REQUIRE you to buy at least one box of ammo to use the range.

No, I've pretty much bought all my ammo at Wal-Mart, and it was around $9.00/box like you said. But we all know how hard it is to find Wal-Mart ammo right now.

As of this writing Natchez is basically out of 9mm ammo

So is midwayUSA and Able. Cabelas only has ammo that, after shipping, costs $15 a box anyway.

Belive me, I've looked around. I actually just "won" 500 rounds of Silver Bear on gunbroker.com, but again, after shipping and tax (store is in FL) it was $15 a box as well. And there aren't any gun shows coming up in my area soon, not that those guys are any kind of "deal".

Right now I'm down to my last 100 rounds of winchester white box, so I needed ammo. Also, since my wife is not exactly a fan of me owning a gun, I can't drop $200 on ammo every time I see it.

But I'm on the lookout.

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I just picked up 500 rounds of white box from Sportsman's Guide for just under $100 including shipping... it was here in 2 days!
You're lucky. This is what I got when I went there for 500 rounds today:

Description (Click on an item name to view details.) Qty Unit Price Club
Remove Winchester® USA Pistol 9 mm 115 Gr. FMJ 500 rds.
Product: WX2-12220
You must be 21 years of age to purchase this item.
Expected availability: June 15, 2009. *** $116.97 $116.97 $111.12
And the 50 rd boxes will be available on April 2nd.

Thanks for the tips SwampRat. I'll look into what you're saying. And yes, even though I want to reload so i know I'll always have ammo, it is something I'd be interested in generally as a hobby as well.

Hey Baldy,

Thanks for that site. I'm not sure what the default of a 21.5 powder charge means. What should I type in there to make 115 gr 9mm fmj cartdiges? And when it says "case" do they mean the cost of brass? And for powder, is it about 1 lb. of poder for 1000 rounds? I know that depends on what I'm loading, but could you tell me what the answer is for the round I mentioned above?

Thanks a lot.

Find yourself someone who knows what they are doing or take a class from an NRA instructor on reloads...
Any idea where I can find a local NRA class? I'm in Broward County.

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