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So does reloading really save money?

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Hi all,

With the scarcity and price of ammunition becoming more of a problem as time goes on, I started thinking about loading my own ammo. I only shoot 9mm for now so that's all I'm looking at.

A box of winchester white box 115 gr is about $15 to $17 at the ranges where I shoot. If I extrapolate that to 1000 rds, the cost of that ammo comes to $300 to $340. Let's take that out to 10,000 rds. That's $3000 to $3400.

To get started loading my own ammo, I'd need to buy the equipment, and the components. If I'm firing about 150 rounds/week, does it make sense to reload?

Also, any tips on where to get equipment and what to buy?


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I just picked up 500 rounds of white box from Sportsman's Guide for just under $100 including shipping... it was here in 2 days!
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