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Sightless at Rio Salado reviews from last weekend

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A few reviews are in from last weekend at our "Sightless at Rio Salado" Close Quarters Survival Seminar training course. Thought the members might like to read them.



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Here's another review of the course two weeks ago out here in Arizona.


Sightless at Rio Salado Feb 2009

Several months ago I spent a day threat focused shooting with Brownie. From that moment I realized another new gun or ten thousand more rounds of ammo at the range would not have made me a better self defense shooter. Sure my hand may become steadier and my trigger finger may become more refined but at the end of the day I would only be target practicing with a lighter wallet. Now, when I talk to someone about shooting and self defense I say "before you waste one more dollar on another new gun or ammo, take Brownie's class, it will be some of the best money you ever invest!" This I bet my life on. Brownie has the ability to correct your errors on the fly with no evaluation down time. Your only breaks are for reloading!!! That's the way I like it, no class room crap here! Brownie had also introduced me to a little hand to hand and knife combatives, it's not always a gun fight. So when he told me about the February event I couldn't pass it up. Two more great instructors that I've heard of all in one location for the weekend, I'm there.

First Day Shooting
Since I had taken the class before I had the opportunity to brush up and learn a few new moves yet observe the other guys shooting. I had talked a friend into joining me for the class. I let him borrow one of my Glock 19s for the day. He has only been shooting about twice in the last five years and the G19 was new to him. As a testimonial to what Brownie, Matt and 7677 can get a basic nonshooter to do in just a few hours was nothing short of amazing. The techniques taught by these instructors flat out work! Mind you this is threat focused shooting without looking at the gun or using the sights. My friend's targets had one ragged hole in the center! This skill is his forever.

Second Day H2H
The second day was a combination of hand to hand, knife defense and gun disarms, followed up with airsoft drills! Each instructor had their own style. This allowed the students to choose what is most comfortable and works best for them and their abilities. After all if your not ok with a move you will not use it and this is where their techniques hit home. By using moves we're all naturally familiar with but in a reactive way to end the situation now! I don't recall ever seeing any of this applied on the playground when I was growing up, thank God. However the new playground we're all in requires it, times have changed. One of the most important lessons I learned was "hesitation will get you killed". If your not a fighter and would like to learn some simple moves that can save your life then this is it! Forget taking karate lessons for years, the bad guys don't follow karate rules and you may not have that long. The airsoft drills brought to light when a confrontation becomes a gun fight. Just because you or the other guy has a gun doesn't mean all guns blazing. This is just one of the many skills that were covered.

I consider myself lucky to have been in front of these guys for two full days and would have eagerly gone for more. I will be at their next event in the fall. I put my money where my mouth is!

I would like to thank Brownie, Matt and 7677 for putting on this event. Brownie for all the time you've spent with me and bringing to point not only the knife but the action! Matt's lessons on attitude and bringing it into your face! 7677 for the extra encouragement through out the weekend and the bum technique that I haven't had to use yet, meanwhile I'm doing my pushups on my fingertips! I would also like to thank Steve for all his help and ear, (sorry about that)! Guantes, for sharing your DATD, it was a pleasure.


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Good Stuff!!..Can't wait, one more week...
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