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Hi all,
I just thought that I would do an update on my Vedder holster.
I've been carrying my Sig P320 for almost 2 months now and it has been two thumbs up and very comfortable.

I wear it with a Kore Essentials Trak-Line 1.5" black gun belt
I really like this gun belt (I wear it even if I am not wearing my gun) and I need to get another one in brown.

The Vedder holster slips on and off my belt very easily,
I leave the belt a few clicks loose, insert the holster by clipping the front clip (at about my pocket) and then easily dropping in the holster and clipping on the rear clip.
Then I click snug the Trak Line belt.
Comfortable while sitting in my car or anywhere else and moving around a lot, standing or on my knees.
My P320 has a perfect fit into the Kydex snug but not too snug, of course Vedder has a lifetime warranty on all of the holster and will re-fit or repair free of charge.

Vedder was also very nice to work with (a quick email response from them in regard to my Romeo 1 Red Dot) and they cut the Kydex to fit the Romeo on my P320
Many holster manufacturers only had holsters for stock P320 and not the RX version with the Romeo 1.

There are so so many holster options today for IWB and OWB the Vedder that I am using is just one.
If you like the leather backed version like Vedder Comfort Tuck, I'd say, it's worth a look.

Mackie / Bud
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