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Sig Sauer P290 First Edition

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Selling my Sig Sauer P290. Only 2000 of the First Editions were made. This fire arm was lady owned, only fired a hand full of times. Wonderful condition! Comes with standard clip, 4 extended clips, case with manual, lock, and even Sig Sauer molded holster. I even have left over ammo I will throw in. Perfect for a concealed carrier.
I am located in Palm Coast, south of St. Augustine and north or Daytona. $500
Gun Trigger Starting pistol Airsoft gun
Everyday carry

Item Number 290-9-TSS-FED
Caliber 9mm
Action Type DAO
Trigger Pull DA 9.0 lb average
Trigger Pull SA N/A
Overall Length 5.5 in
Overall Height 3.9 in
Overall Width 0.9 (1.1 in with slide catch lever)
Barrel Length 2.9 in
Sight Radius 4.3 in
Weight w/out Mag 20.5 oz
Mag Capacity 6 Rounds
Sights SIGLITE Night Sights
Grips First Edition Aluminum Grips
Frame Finish Black Polymer
Slide Finish Natural Stainless
Accessory Rail Built-in for optional laser
Features First Edition aluminum grips
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Free bump for an awesome carry gun. I have the RS version and like it a lot. It's a bit heavy for its size, but that's what makes it a great shooter. And a Sig too. This should be on the list for anyone considering a concealed carry gun.
Thanks a lot! It does have some weight to it, but it handles very well! I have a Beretta and a Taurus 1911 and this is by far most accurate to me.
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