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Sig P250...

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For some reason this gun is very interesting to me. I don't have a need for it, but I can't help not wanting one. Maybe it's the trigger. It reminds me of a slicked up Smith Performance Center revolver. Most people hate the trigger, but I cut my teeth with revolvers. I like it.

What do ya'll think?:cool:
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I think a member here had recently gotten one a while back, but I haven't seen her post here for quite some time.

I haven't warmed up to them (yet) but its still new and I aways wait for a while so everyone else can work the bug's out of them.
I handled one in a gun store once and it seemed like a pretty decent pistol; the modular nature of it was particularly interesting, but if magazines aren't compatible with other Sig P-series pistols, I wouldn't bother with one. It's hard for me to get excited about the latest and greatest, gee-wiz polymer uber service pistol. When they come up with something that works better than a Glock, I'll be interested.
When they come up with something that works better than a Glock, and doesn't have a DA trigger reach designed for Sasquatch I'll be interested.
Fixed that for ya...no, no...don't thank me. My pleasure. :D
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