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I spend my summers at the Outer Banks of North Carolina where Norfolk provides the nearest TV and newspaper coverage. Yesterday I saw a local TV report about this Norfolk shootout that might not make the Florida or national news. Apparently two construction workers were sharing a motel room near their work site. One of them had a concealed carry permit and was armed. Around 2:00AM three bad guys tried to force entry into the workers' room. At least one was armed. The armed "victim" fought back and suffered wounds from which he is expected to recover. One bad guy was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. Another bad guy was seriously wounded and died later in the hospital. The third escaped.
I will try tried to paste a link to the two news reports I read about this incident but I don't know if the links will work. It may not work as a link, but if you paste these addresses into you browser line I think you will get the stories.


Norfolk Econo Lodge shootout leaves 1 dead, 2 hurt

Police were investigating a triple shooting that left one person dead and two others wounded this morning at the Econo Lodge at 865 N. Military Highway. (Cindy Clayton | The Virginian-Pilot)

By Matthew Bowers
The Virginian-Pilot
© June 12, 2009


At least one of three men who forced their way into a Military Highway motel room was armed.

So was one of the two men occupying the room.

A shootout that ensued early Thursday left one of the room-crashers dead at the scene and another barely clinging to life, police said. One of the room occupants also was wounded, but his condition was improving, said Master Police Officer Chris Amos, department spokesman.

The second occupant was unhurt, and police were still looking for the third attacker, who fled in a silver vehicle, Amos said.

The death was Norfolk's 26th homicide of the year, two of which were police shootings determined to be justified.

That compares with 29 homicides all of last year, of which one was a justified police shooting, and 50 in 2007, including three justified police shootings, according to police records.

Pronounced dead at Thursday's scene was Dante Cooley, 22, of Virginia Beach.

Police said that shortly before 2:15 a.m., he and two other men knocked on a room door at the Econo Lodge, 835 N. Military Hwy. When the door opened, the three forced their way in, and the gunfight broke out, police said.

The motel is just off Virginia Beach Boulevard, across the street from The Gallery at Military Circle mall. Police reported 89 calls for service there in the past year - one every four days on average - with about a third for disorderly people or other disturbances. Remaining calls included three regarding weapons, and others for assaults, robberies and thefts.

The shooting death at the motel was one of 20 in the city this year that involved guns, not counting the two police shootings, Amos said. Killers used handguns 15 times and a shotgun once. The gun hasn't been determined in four other cases.

Other than that, "there's no pattern" that police can use to develop prevention strategies, Amos said.

"Most are not random," he said. "But it runs the gamut, from the robbery, to the home invasion, to the domestic."

Matthew Bowers, (757) 222-3893, [email protected]

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I just sent this message to that hack reporter, Matthew Bowers:

One of 20 shooting deaths that involved guns? Where did you learn to compose a story, at the Captain Obvious School of Journalism?

And apparently you think that only police shootings are justified…no, your anti-gun bias is not evident at all in your reporting.
What a tool. :smack

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From what I've recently read, in the states of NY and Mass., where you can't have a gun, two BG's died when their potential victims yelled BANG BANG. The unexpected sound caused the BG's to have heart attacks and were pronounced DOA...:rolf:rolf:rolf
Good one Xbonz!

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From the first link:

Were there any shooting deaths that didn't involve guns? :smack
We had a couple of guys on our crew that could have inserted the bullets manually. I think they could have just bit a cartridge and made the bullet pop out and kill the BG. But that might be a shooting too?
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