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shooting low

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took my .45 and my .40 to the range yesterday and fired some rounds through both to remain familiar with them. I shoot well with the .45 (both same model, Taurus 24/7) so I know Im shooting well enough to judge that the .40 is shooting low. Target was about 15 yds out and it shot consistently low through 3 different shooters, just to rule out possibilities. I think I need a lower front sight. Is this something that can be done by myself? Or does a local gunsmith need to take care of this? Or is this something that even needs to be sent back to manufacturer? The gun is a Taurus 24/7 pro .40. There is a set screw on top of the front sight and it looks pretty simular to a glocks front sight, although I cant say for certain its exactly the same.
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Not knowing how much experience you have had shooting, I would offer this advice before you physically alter your firearm.

Are you holding a proper sight alignment? If not, it can throw off your grouping.

Check this out and see if this is what you are doing when shooting the firearm.

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well, its about an inch to inch and half low at 15 yards. It shoots a consistent group, just low. I could certainly try to use the top of the front sight and that probably would compensate plenty. As far as familiarity goes, I have been shooting almost my entire 28 years as of age 4 or so. I know how proper sight picture and such. Not a problem you asking though, how would you have known? no problem. Think I will try this method.
Ya know, I got to thinking about this and I decided that even if you are hitting 1" to 1 1/2" low at 15 yards, if you get into a self-defense scenario, and if you aim centermass on the BG, your still going to hit " vitals " ( ie: heart, lungs, abdomen ) so that is really not a major problem.

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