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Shoot/Don't Shoot--Knife-Wielding Chest Thumper

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This happened in Florida. What does Florida law and common sense say about shooting this guy?
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I only saw half the video and that was too much. You have two idiots that should have decided to de-escalate a bad situation and just drive away. Instead they had a Mexican standoff that could have ended in tragedy for one or both of them.

And as Colombo is fond of saying.… “just one more thing”….You never ever take a “swipe” with a knife that doesn’t connect with a cut and or as series of cuts followed up with more “swipes” and cuts and again until the threat is down if your knife is your primary weapon of choice, if in fact the person is a true threat and needs a “swipe” or two to neutralize them as a threat. What I saw was the idiot with the knife was trying to use it as an “intimidation” to the other guy which backfired when the other guy drew down on him. (Could he have drawn his gun any slower? He could have been stuck 10Xs) He’s lucky he wasn’t ventilated on the spot. And the guy with the gun wasn’t convinced the knife guy was a true threat or committed to ventilating him which worked out for the knife guy.

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Seems to me you have two fools, both with deadly weapons in their hands, and both not really intent to use them. That’s a good thing as they are both still alive, hopefully to learn from being stupid and not repeat the next time. But probably not. :rolleyes:
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