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Shoot/Don't Shoot--Knife-Wielding Chest Thumper

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This happened in Florida. What does Florida law and common sense say about shooting this guy?
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Funny how the guy with the knife tells the police a guy pulled a gun on him. Never says he got out of his truck with a knife first and lunged at him. Good for the gun owners wife to take a video of the incident.
Knives can do a lot of damage, take the threat seriously.
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Play it out differently. It’s Florida and he had a permit so things may lean his way. But if in the video we saw does he walk if he popped the guy in the head? He drew after the swipe so it seems to me like I said the ‘attack’ was over. Goes home that night? Gets arrested on the spot? DA reviews things and sees he could have avoided it by not stopping and since he did he brought the result on himself and arrests him later?
Lots of ways to look at this and a lot of 'what ifs' here. The guy comes out of his truck with a knife, wow, he should have just kept going and called 911 or drive to a police station. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I think the guy with the knife maybe thought the biker would have just gone on his way once he saw the knife. Crazy stuff I always try to avoid. In the end it ain't worth it, no winners.
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