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Shoot/Don't Shoot--Knife-Wielding Chest Thumper

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This happened in Florida. What does Florida law and common sense say about shooting this guy?
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Was the motor rider still sitting on the bike when the turd attempted to slash him and he drew? Or did he alight from same putting stand down, drawing at that time? Or did he drop the motor and alight and draw?

The article really doesn't give enough detail which I'd personally like to know even if not important to this discussion.

In that situation, I'm off the bike the second he appears with a blade. On the opposite side of his advance. I've had instances where there may be an issue when coming to a stop with another, I've put the kickstand down in case I needed to bail on the motor for mobility.

Come out with a knife after a road rage incident? Game on. Does that person know how the game is played when he exits the cage? If not, he's about to be schooled on the games rules. :eek:
Theres a 3 minute video in top of article that shows the answers to all your questions? It IS the actual incident recorded.
Arguing with the guy with a knife like that? Nah, he could have popped him and still been maimed or killed before the turd succumbed to the shot/s. That motor rider is an idiot to stand there being threatened with a knife, the turd with the knife is an idiot to even produce a deadly weapon into an argument escalating the potential for grave bodily harm or death.

Thanks I saw it and just read the article.
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I’m still looking for what the hive thinks would happen if he had shot the guy. Many here said ‘if he exits with a knife than it’s game on’. Ok so you think you’re justified. And you might actually be. Just wondering if we all think he would walk without worry? I kinda think he’d get charged. So many other things he could have done to avoid bringing that pot to a boil.
So he followed him, he's not in a cage to be able to use the phone to call 911. Following someone isn't a crime. Coming out of your vehicle with a deadly weapon in a threatening manner [ an upraised knife ] is a crime.

What's the criteria in Fla for deadly force use? You know, so the answer is pretty straight forward. The motor rider didn't commit a crime by following him, the cager committed a a crime exiting in a threatening manner with a deadly weapon. What are the cops trained against a blade? 21 feet being threatened with a knife, they can drop the turd as it's been proven within that distance, it's an "imminent threat".

Could an aggressive DA still charge the motor rider? Sure, would he be convicted? Of what is the question, he hadn't committed a crime by following him.
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For interjecting himself into it. We’ve had many threads similar. Had the cager followed him than I’d think differently. But the biker obliged the road rage by stopping and continuing the argument. He could have just kept on riding. That’s the angle I see. He stopped and placed himself into a confrontation that became worse. Does he bear any blame for that? Can you ignore other easier solutions and continue to escalate then claim SD?
When the biker followed that woman [ discussed here previously ] who ran in the house and came out threatening him with a gun and he popped her [ where she died ] he was NOT charged with a crime. It's basically the same scenario here. The biker in that scenario wasn't charged for obliging road rage.

He didn't escalate anything and having an argument at the side of the road, though not wise, isn't a chargeable offense AFAIK.
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I seriously doubt that the attack was “over” after one swipe; and I’d have strongly reacted to his attack before he got close enough to swipe.

If he did get to make a swipe, I’d have defended myself before waiting even a fraction of a second to see if he was going to take another swipe, or not.
Even IF that was the end of a physical attack, he's tried to incur grave bodily harm or death upon the motor rider. Couple that with the fact he's considered an imminent threat with knife in hand at that distance, he who would hesitate here to respond with equal force [ deadly force ] is a novice, fears drawing a gun even in the face of an imminent threat with all 3 criteria for deadly force use present or doesn't recognize the threat that knife represents is a fool.
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Careful here! First off, it's "Tueller" vice Tuller. Second, it's approximately 21 ft in approximately 1.5 seconds, and it was never meant to be used as a "shoot or no-shoot" decision point, only to inform LEOs on Tueller's experimentation which showed that the average healthy adult male can cover a distance of seven yards (21 feet) in about 1.5 seconds. Tueller wanted to help LEOs develop a more defensive mindset and that meant separating the possible from the implausible.
Tueller's work was misunderstood for years before someone actually interviewed him and expressed what you said above.
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