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Sea Or Land

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I went on a boat ride about two weeks ago and just before i board the boat i remember i have my weapon on me ( i am so comfortable with my gun it does not feel any different than a cell phone ) the question is Does your cwl valid on sea as well as land ? or do you have to give it to the captian ontill you return to port ? or does it depends on how far out to see you go ? I left it on land to prevent any misunderstanding but the thought accored that the car could get broken into while you were at sea:eek:
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I'm no lawyer, but I'd imagine that your CHL is valid in the waters of any jurisdiction where your CHL would be valid on land. And in international waters, I'm pretty sure you can mount an M2 .50 machine gun on your bow if you so desire.

What kind of boat ride exactly were you going on? Was it a friend's personal vessel, a gambling boat, deep sea fishing charter, etc.? If it was anything other than yours or a friend's boat, I'd say the rules would be set by the vessel's master. But if carrying a concealed weapon was not expressly prohibited, I'd say that a "don't ask, don't tell" policy would be best.

Personally, I would never go to sea without at least a magazine-fed rifle...hey, you never know when you're going to run into pirates. :laughing
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