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Scenario Discussion w/ LEO

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I had the opportunity to speak w/ a local LEO today. I asked him a question which has come up on the forum in the past. The question was straight forward and got a very quick and direct answer..

Q- I see you in a fight for your life with a BG, I have a CWL and am carrying, what do you want me to do?
A-Shoot the BG and drop your weapon. Keep your hands where I can see them.

I asked if he would worry that I was approaching with a gun and would mistake me for a BG. His response was "I won't see you, I'll be totally focused on the BG..

Any thoughts from you LEO types out there?

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I can recall a couple of tragic situations in DC when "old clothes" Officers responded to crimes in progress and were accidentally shot by Uniformed Officers. As a result, "tactical units" as they were called then, were limited to responding ONLY to Signal 13 (Officer in trouble) calls and to leave "in progress" responses to Uniformed units. Even as an Investigator, wearing suitcoat and tie, we were very careful to be recognized by Uniforms before showing our weapons and avoided unneccesary responses to situations where we were far enough away to be pretty sure marked units would be on the scene before we could make it.

The problem in cities with large depts. is particularly acute when responders are from precincts or districts OUTSIDE the place of the incident. usually local cops recognize one another but may never have seen an officer from another unit.

Yep, interjecting yourself is very dangerous but, sometimes, the right thing to do as in the OP's scenario.

I have actually had civilians accost me while effecting an arrest on a BG who they thought was a victim. We did look like thugs, though.
Look at what happened a while back at that UCF tailgate party...
The plain clothes UCF officer got shot by the uniformed county officer that was responding, (If I got the story right) I guess they weren't aware that there were undercover guys there in the crowd... all they knew was that there was a guy wielding a gun!!!Everyone was doing their job but it turned out tragic......for all involved..I am sure it won't happen again...
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