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Sold, please delete.

I bought this gun in mid december of last year. It is in great condition and has only had about 250 rounds fired through it. The slide to frame fit is very tight and the gun feels great in your hands. The gun is very accurate and I was able to shoot some pretty nice groupings with it. The sights are low profile novack style contrast sights. Includes original case, take down tool, manuals and two 8 round magazines. Plus it is a Smith and Wesson, so you get a lifetime warranty and their great customer service. These are not easy to come by, when I decided I wanted one it was a pain to track one down.

Looking for $700, located in Orlando.

1911 (1).jpg 1911 (2).jpg 1911 (4).jpg 1911 (5).jpg 1911 (6).jpg
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