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S&W 22a-1 Review

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so i got this gun today with the 5-1/2" barrel, cleaned and oiled it and then took a trip out to the range with my friend. We put 3 different types of ammo through it, for a total of probably 4-500 rounds through it in its first trip.

during the whole trip i probably only had around 5, and definitely less than 10, FTF/FTE's. The gun is very accurate, more accurate than i can manage for now, although i think i may need to adjust the rear adjustable sight. So far this gun has performed awesomely, esp for only 250 dollars. The only drawback i can see for now is the fact that it has a large grip and may be hard to grip properly for someone with smaller hands. It strips down very easily, but you jsut have to be careful about taking the barrel out because if you go to far up the hook into the slide will break.

Ive read quite a bit of negative reviews on this gun, not nearly as many that were good, but enough that it had made me really nervous before i got it, but im definitely happy now.

(also, range was great today, the stands were a bit shot up, but i had brought a cheapo real-estate sign with us, but we managed to shoot it up through the metal legs and had to use the range stands. but after an hour everyone else left. Great day overall)

oh yea, the long line on the left side is from my .40 and it happened when one of the legs of the stand broke and it started to spin, and i kept shooting at it and it came across the target


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I'm glad to hear your range trip went well. I bought a 22A myself about a month ago as an impulse buy because I liked the way it looked and felt, (the price helped as well). Like you, I read quite a few negative reports after I purchased it. I haven't got it to the range yet though, I'm glad to read something positive about it. What type of ammo were you feeding it?

i used Remington HP, Winchester HP and Thunderbolt solid rounds, all fed well
Thanks for the report, I appreciate it.

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