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Ruger Revolver sticking

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My Ruger SP101 revolver cylinder is sluggish to turn after 250 rounds and begins to freeze up after 550+. I am cleaning it after every use (100+ rnds/wk).

Any suggestions on how to clean inside the cylinder well and how to keep it from sticking/freezing?

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Is the cylinder smoking hot after all those rounds? Have you tried removing the cylinder and cleaning it? You may need to use a high temp lube

Here is a good post on disassembly

Thanks Steve.
The cylinder doesn't get too hot, just normal temp.
I have disassembled 3 times and cleaned the cylinder and heard that a dry teflon-type product may help reduce sticking.
I read of someone else having a similar problem and ended up taking the crane apart and cleaning a bunch of gunk out of there.

I had to do that recently with my Dan Wesson. Unfortunately, this involves dealing with several small parts. I don't want to have to do it often.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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