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Rotate ammo in gun?

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Here's my scenario - I carry with one in the pipe, but when I get home I disarm and always remove the bullet and put it back in the clip, which got me wondering if for some reason I should be rotating the ammo in the clip. Not that it won't function, but for some other reason? I have a five year old in the house so I will not leave my weapon ready to shoot while it is unattended (hidden) and I have a 110lb Chesapeake Bay Retriever that will give me plenty of time to load if needed.
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I'm glad I asked - I wasn't aware of bullet setback - but a quick google search took care of that. I don't have a safe, so I won't leave my weapon unattended with a round chambered. I can still get to it in the unlikely event of an invasion, but high up on the bookshelf it can not be seen or reached by my son...yet. A safe is in the cards, but being unemployed right now doesn't make it feasible. Also, the gun is a S&W Sigma .40.
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