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Rotate ammo in gun?

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Here's my scenario - I carry with one in the pipe, but when I get home I disarm and always remove the bullet and put it back in the clip, which got me wondering if for some reason I should be rotating the ammo in the clip. Not that it won't function, but for some other reason? I have a five year old in the house so I will not leave my weapon ready to shoot while it is unattended (hidden) and I have a 110lb Chesapeake Bay Retriever that will give me plenty of time to load if needed.
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I'm glad I asked - I wasn't aware of bullet setback - but a quick google search took care of that. I don't have a safe, so I won't leave my weapon unattended with a round chambered. I can still get to it in the unlikely event of an invasion, but high up on the bookshelf it can not be seen or reached by my son...yet. A safe is in the cards, but being unemployed right now doesn't make it feasible. Also, the gun is a S&W Sigma .40.
ESPECIALLY with a .40, you need to be concerned with setback. It's a high-pressure round to start with...even a little setback can be dangerous.

If you're constantly loading/unloading, try this:

Box of carry ammo in the drawer. Load weapon. End of day, unload weapon, place ejected round in back of box. Next day, fresh round from box into magazine, load weapon...repeat. When you've repeated this process with all of your SD ammo (each round loaded once), tape the box and go buy more...start over...shoot the once loaded rounds at the range.

Now you know why I don't load/unload all that often with my .40s


I was told somewhere that it is good to rotate the rounds every couple-a weeks. My impression was that leaving the mag spring compressed for forever is not good for the spring.

I thought of rotating the rounds as kinda "excercising the spring".

Is this wrong?
Yes, it's wrong. Keeping mags loaded does not significantly wear the spring. 'Exercising' the spring as you do DOES wear the spring. Load them and leave them alone.
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