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Road Rager nearly crosses the line.

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This happened to me on a Tuesday afternoon.

I was in my truck making a right turn out of my office parking lot on to a busy 4 lane road. Traffic in the right lane was blocked by a city buss about a 1/10 mile providing ample time and space to to turn. As I am making my turn onto the 4 lane road a car comes into my lane, he was right passing other cars in the left lane without signalling. He rolls up on me as if he will scare me by tailgating or what ever aggressive perspective he is entertaining. I make the first right turn 2 doors from my office. His face and middle finger are now pasted near the top of his windshield for me to see as he turns behind me, I am amused and stab the brake mid turn (My Bad). We get to the next light were he pulls alongside me and he is really cranked up now, he is yelling and me he throws something at my truck. I roll down my window expecting him to tell me I'm an @ss or whatever, instead he jumps out of his car and is yelling he is going to break my [email protected] neck, etc, etc.

The scenerio:
I am in my truck I have got vehicles behind me, traffic crossing in front of me from a one way (no safe right turn) he is to my left; effectively I am pinned in.

I am able to back-up just enough that I can get his license plate number. This action gets the car behind me honking. The rager is a large man 6'1" or so, guessing 240lbs, white male, light hair, out of an expensive car. He is doing some sort of a gorilla dance outside my window and shounting [email protected], [email protected], I'm gonna break your [email protected] neck. I was unuasually calm and staring him down. I have not said a word, not a word. During his entire tiraid I had him covered with a small framed automatic, just below the truck door window. This lunatic has no idea how close he came to going to his reward. I had mentally drawn a line in the sand at the truck window had he gotten close enough to contact (harm) me, he was going down. He could dance around the truck as long as he liked...

Cars around us are honking and he gets in his car and drives away. Either he came to his senses or realized by my demeanor it was time to go. I arrive at home safely and called in a road rage incident complete with tag number...

After Action Review:
In hindsight I wish I would have called 911 using the Bluetooth speaker phone in my truck while this was happening to record the entire event. Other than that (and maybe not stabbing the brake midturn) I would have done everything the same; this ended about as well as it could have.

This was the first time in more than ten years with a ccw had I ever even considered "breaking leather"

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When you choose to arm yourself for self defense, you assume a great deal of responsibility. You exercised that responsibility very well. You took prudent precautions to defend yourself from physical attack [drawing your weapon and having it in a position to bring it into play if necessary], should the situation escalate. As it turned out, you continued on your way with the knowledge and experience that you can respond adequately in a threatening situation and the knowledge of just how close this idiot came to beng a memory.

It is not about your rep, about how cool you appear or even about how you look to others. It is about survival. Your survival. And with as little personal discomfort as possible. You accomplished that nicely.
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