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RIA 1911-A1 and NAA .380 Report

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Took both to the Gun Gallery in Jax this morning for their first outing. On the way I stopped at two Wal-Marts in hopes of scoring some .380 and .45 ammo. There were only two boxes of .45 to be had--no .380 at all. Even the gun shop only had premium .380 ammo in stock. I split a box of 50 with another guy who also needed .380.

I decided to fire the NAA Guardian first. It has a healthy kick! Accuaracy was quite good when I concentrated. The .380's sights are small as you would expect so for the 31 rounds I put through it I mostly just pointed and shot at a distance of around 15 feet. The gun operated as it should with no FTF or FTE. This one wore on my trigger finger a bit but still it was fun to shoot! While there a friend had his .380 Kel-Tek. I fired a few rounds and found it to have much less kick than the NAA Guradian. All in all, mine will make an excellent very close quarters weapon and I am more than satisfied with it.

The Rock Island 1911 was next. I was a little apprehensive from all the posts I read from around the Internet on the pros & cons of this company. The first 50 rounds were Remington 230 grain FMJ and the 1911 did not hiccup once--no FTF or FTE. The slide locked open every time after the last round fired. In fact, it felt very smooth and was a pleasure to shoot. I put another 30 rounds of Winchester White Box 230 grain personal defense JHP through it and, again, flawless operation. Never once did I get bitten by it. In summation, I was impressed by how well it shot and can't wait to do it again.:dancingbanana
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Hi RoadGlider, Thanks for the report.

I never shot the Guardian. I like the overall look and concealment.

The Rock Island 1911 is on my list of got to haves. I own a Auto Ord. 1911 and owned a SA 1911 38 Super. Easy guns to completely strip and clean.

When you get more shooting time with yours, please post an update.
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