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Review: Center of Mass In Car Locker from www.duhastorage.com

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I saw a few posts for this in car safe on this and other forums, and I know I needed one, so I pulled the trigger. I chose to purchase it from www.duhastorage.com for two reasons. The first, their price was a little cheaper than the other websites I saw it at - 29.95 for the medium and 36.95 for the large. I purchased two large, one for me and one for a buddy for his birthday. The second reason I purchased from them was they charged no shipping. I ordered the item on Monday, and it arrived today, on Friday.

Ok as for the product, it met my needs perfectly. It fits my Ruger P345 and my extra mag. I did expect the large version to be bigger though. I wonder if a large frame handgun would fit. The Ruger fits with very little space to spare. The cable and assembly was fairly easy although the instructions were a little cryptic. However, I figured it out in about 5 minutes. I installed the safe in the center of the back seat of my SUV, with the cable around the seat base.

As far as the construction, you get what you pay for. No it is not Fort Knox. However, think about it. Someone who breaks into your car and tries to take off with your gun will need to be quick, and this safe will not be a quick getaway. It is strong enough to prevent most from stealing your gun, and that is what I needed.

Definitely a good buy, especially from www.duhastorage.com
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Wow, now that is a very low key, barely audible, shameless plug if i ever heard one.:rolf
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