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2 guys with guns walk into a Denny's... stop me if you've heard this one...

I'm going to assume if one has a gun the other does too. I'm also going to assume there's a third guy outside in the getaway vehicle.

I'm not likely to want to go face down on the floor in the first place. If I'm alert enough - and we all should be alert if we're carrying - when the armed guys come in the restaurant I'm going to try to slip under a table. I want to fire from a concealed position or from behind cover (like a booth) if I can. I'm also going to want to position myself where I can see the door in case the third accomplice (see assumptions above) sees trouble and comes in to assist.

Just my two cents. I thought about this alot when the news story hit. Not that I'd ever be caught in Denny's at 3 AM.

- Str8Shooter
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