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Remington VTR [ Varmit-Tactical Rifle ]

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Picked up a Remington VTR in 204 Ruger this week. Here's the specs on the rifle. It's a Rem 700 action.

Barrel Length: 22" (559mm) with built in muzzle break
Empty Weight (without optics): 7.5 lbs (3.41 kg)
Overall Length: 41.625" (1057mm)
Trigger: remington X-Mark Pro
Stock: Injection Molded Plastic with rubberized inserts
Finish: Matte Blue
Price: $805 Suggested Retail

The 204 Ruger cartridge was introduced in 2004. The two most popular bullet weights are:
32 gr. V-Max= 4047 fps
40 gr. V-Max= 3774 fps

The .204 Ruger gives all the favorable characteristics of the .22-250 in a low recoil, quieter, fun-to-shoot package. I picked this one up as my prairie dog, coyote killer when I go out with the predator callers who come into the shop.

Using the 40 grain V-Max bullets, the first 5 rounds went inside a nickel at 100 yds. Moved the group to POA/POI on the scope turrets and started hitting the steel prairie dogs at the range at 300 yds with no effort at all.

Flat shooting, setting the scope to hit 1.3" high at 100, it's dead on at 200, 1.5" low at 300, then 5.5" low at 400 and 26" low at 500. It looks to be a 400 yd rifle on little critters, and 300 yds on Coyotes ballistically.

I like this rifle, it shoots flat. The trigger is something around 2 pounds with no creep at all and just flat out is fun to shoot. I've gathered the reloading components and it's only going to cost .27 cents a round to shoot the 40 grain bullets.



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Very nice Brownie! That round really gets into some high velocities, not to mention being quite affordable even at today's prices.

Enjoy your new rifle!
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