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Reciprocity question

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I just joined this forum since I am coming to Florida for a 6 month assignment. I have a PA CCW (non-resident) issued by Chester County with a Vermont address on the permit. If I was a PA resident it would be good in Florida. As soon as I arrive in FL I am going to get my prints done electronically, and submit my CCW app. I held a FL CCW in FL until 1998, but like a dope I let it lapse. If I were to be caught carrying with a non-resident PA while waiting for my FL is that considered not having permit = Felony, or is it a minor offense. I hate the thought of glovebox carry and leaving it to be stolen in my car while waiting the 90 days. I don't understand why Florida didn't make it illegal for a Floridian to carry under a non-res, but legal for people like Vermonters have no option. I guess it's all about revenue for Florida. Here in VT we do not need a permit, but that hurts reciprocity. I like Montana. If you have a valid out of state permit you can exchange it for a Montana permit when you become a resident there.
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TampaSsgt's hit it spot on.

To be on the safe side, I would contact the Florida Division of Licensing and ask them.

Here is a number that should put you in touch with the correct office, or at least put you on the right trail.

(850) 245-5691

Unfortunately it's been my experiance that calling the Division of Licensing is more apt to get you a wrong answer as it is a right answer, unless you have a history with a specific individual who you KNOW to be knowledgeable about the issues.
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