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reason to pack at church?

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found this when i got home a little bit ago. i had been thinking of not carrying to church but i guess i will be. any one else carry to church

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I train my children that wicked people are everywhere and in every profession including policemen, doctors, teachers and yes, in the church.

Every time there is an incident of molestation, murder, kidnap or the like my kids hear about it from me during our morning, "I didn't make this up" lesson on mankind.

They are trained that it is the heart of man(kind) that causes them to act the way they do, it is not in *what* they do but *who* they are.

We have not carried at church...yet. There are plenty of people who do according to a friend who does carry at church. We have a world known pastor and I'm quite sure that there are plenty of nut cases who would love to do him in. As soon as my little LCP gets back in my possession it will not leave my possession.

No place is safe and we must be alert at all time. We don't live in fear but we do make sure we are prepared.
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