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Here's my range report on the G32 and the upgraded G19. All shots are at 7 yards.

The recoil on the G32 is definitely more noticeable then the G19. I shot 120 rounds through the G32 and 100 through the G19. Even with the recoil being more violent I still shot it pretty well one handed.

G32 strong hand

G32 weak hand

I shot the G32 first. Then when I was done with it I shot 50 rounds through the G19. After the first 50 rounds I installed the Ghost Ultimate 3.5lb connector, 6lb trigger spring and 6lb firing pin spring. The people shooting at the range were looking at me like what is he doing taking the gun all the way a part. It was defentiely a noticeable difference. I really like it. After I was done shooting the newly upgraded G19. I shot 20 SD rounds through the G32. I'll tell you the trigger felt terrible after experiencing the Ghost stuff in the G19. Needless to say I just ordered the same stuff for the G32.

G19 strong hand

G19 weak hand

The G19 is still going to be my carry gun. On Ghost's website it was the set up I have is good for SD. The only thing the G32 has over the G19 is it has night sites. After the upgrades are done to the G32 and I shoot it some more I might start carring it. All in all it was a fun day.
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