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Range issues for new handgun shooter.

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Went to the range yesterday ( see thread http://floridaconcealedcarry.com/Forum/forumdisplay.php?f=21 ) and had a couple of issues I need help with. I've been lurking and occasionally posting but mostly reading for information.
First, I am left eye dominate and far sighted. Also right handed. Talk about shooting "dirty"! If I wear "reading glasses" to get my sight picture then the target virtually disappears. If I don't wear my glasses then I see the target, but the sight picture is virtualy gone. With the glasses I can hit an eight inch target at 7+/-2 yds. and without sighting is about the same. It just bothers me I have to use one or the other. Is this a condition which would warrant "point shooting"?
Second I have a S&W M&P40c and changed the backstraps on a couple different targets for testing. I have a large hand (I'm 6'2") and using the larger backstrap I found it brought my grouping higher on target. When using the medium strap I couldn't really tell any difference but the wife said she was better on target with her using the medium. This all in addition to the first issue made it an information overload for our "******* date".
I will keep reading other areas for hints and check back here for replies.
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Thanks for all the advice. As for the eye issues I have learned (in the military) to keep both eyes open when sighting in and firing. That's not a problem. The use of glasses is for close up work such as reading and detail work. So naturally the sight picture will either be fuzzy on the sights or vice versa. I did try focusing on the front sight and that seemed to work the best, although it seemed as if I had to "Aim High" :laughing as we used to say in the Air Force. Not hard to deal with at all. The issue of the grip is pretty much put to rest. The wifey said she needs to get her own weapon because she really liked our "******* date" Also we will be looking into reloading in the future. Hey it was all her idea! :dancingbanana I think she's a keeper! Thanks for all the advice guys.

Brownie: I registered on your Theat Focused Forum (as the same name here) and lurk there also. Good info. I will look into your training classes in the future. Being on strict budget right now because of haveing only part time work is a bummer. I will check it out and plan for the future though.
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Not only does Brownie's type of point shooting technique make sense for your needs but a crimson trace laser added to your S&W M&P makes sense as well. :cool:
The Crimson Trace grip is probably the way I will go but I will have to wait for full time employment and a bit of financial catch up before that'll happen.
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