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Quick question...

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New to the forum and pretty new to carrying. My question is this, Can you carry at say a bru's room or Ale house? When I carry I don't drink but some of the places I like to go out to serve. As long as I'm not sitting at the bar I'd be ok right? Like if I go sit at a high top or bench seating? This seems to be a gray area and not defined very well. Some of the food at these places is pretty good! What are your thoughts?

Also...as far as school parking lots, what's the deal with that? If I'm going to pick up my daughter and happen to have my CCW on me can I leave it in the car? If not I can always park next door or what not and walk over but I just want to make sure.

If you can think of any other gray area's I'd love to hear about them. I'm reading up as much as I can so I know the laws real well!

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You can carry in an establishment that serves alcohol providing you do not carry into the section that is reserved for primarily serving alcohol.

I live close to the NMB Ale House. I carry in there often.

Not sure about school parking lots.
You are allowed to pick up and drop off with the gun in your vehicle at a school. Just don't get out with it on your person and walk into the building.
I posted all the pertinent laws I could find in this thread:


The law 790 - concealed weapons permit, says that you can not carry in a school, college, sports event not intended for gun safety, and no carry in administrative building. I think for clarification I would say that you can't carry on the campus itself of any school but you can leave the gun in the parking lot in your vehicle.
I read your post on the laws, it's put in simple terms. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks,

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