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Question about 9mm Luger FMJ

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I'm have a Springfield XD-9 Sub-Compact, and I plan to start concealed carry when my license gets here. (I sent it off in December, but there is supposed to be a 3-month delay). I use Winchester 115-gr FMJ when I target shoot. Is there a problem with using this ammo while CC-ing? Will 9mm ammo go through a person? (I saw that 9mm FMJ went through 12 sheets of drywall on a website). I'm a fairly good shot and I shouldn't have any problems hitting someone in the chest at defensive distances.
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WWB 115-gr FMJ shoots kind of soft shooting. However, in general, FMJ rounds would tend to penetrate more than hollowpoint rounds.

In addition to wanting to mitigate the risk of over penetration and hitting someone you don't want to hit, you also want the round to dump all it's energy into the bad guy, which is what the hollowpoint is for. For a defensive round, you want to stop the threat ASAP. A couple of 124 or 147 grain hollowpoint rounds would likely do that better than the same amount of lighter weight roundballs.

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