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Question about 5.56 (or 223) ammo

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BH, if this should be in ammo vs rifles, my apologies.

As you all know, I’ve been doing a crash course learning as much and as fast as I can re. my recent acquisition.

Help me understand something. And, if it’s a really stupid question, well it certainly won’t be the first time I have egg on my face around here. With only a couple exceptions, every single range around here, outdoor or indoor, forbids using FMJ rifle caliber ammo.

Doesn’t that pretty much exclude the most popular sporting rifle in the country? I mean, I get no steel core. But if they make anything else for the 5.56/223, I’ll be damned to find it.

I even asked a fella at an Academy the other day for something other than FMJ in a size 5.56 and the stink-eye he gave me led me to the conclusion I’m missing something here.
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Find another range or call the manager and ask for an explanation.
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HP transfers more energy to target, but has reduced ability to penetrate than an FMJ.

Personally, I'm not going to a range that forces me to use frangible or HP for target practice, but considering the terminal ballistic differences between the rounds, odds are there is a method to their madness.
And what would that be? Give me a solid reason why an outdoor range wouldn’t allow you to use FMJs?
Backstop isn't thick enough to stop an FMJ, but will stop frangible and HP? Are they worried about ricochets?

Which type of bullet penetrates further? It can't be the frangible. The HP mushrooms, transfers it's energy faster and so stops sooner.

Is it possible that the range owner(s) are idiots? Sure, but ranges tend to make rules based on what has gone wrong, namely lawsuits.
Well for what Radtek is saying it’s the first I’ve ever heard of something that silly. Some indoor ranges for a while insisted shooters buy the stores ammo and only allowed that. But then when ammo availability dwindled and so did their business they stopped that foolishness.
For outdoor ranges the only rule I’ve encountered here is no tracers because they don’t want the place being set on fire. Other than that FMJs and green tips are fine.
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Well that’s a first. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a power pole behind a berm like that before?
There is literally absolutely nothing beyond that berm as seen by your last pic. Makes even less sense to not allow FMJs now.
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