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Question about 5.56 (or 223) ammo

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BH, if this should be in ammo vs rifles, my apologies.

As you all know, I’ve been doing a crash course learning as much and as fast as I can re. my recent acquisition.

Help me understand something. And, if it’s a really stupid question, well it certainly won’t be the first time I have egg on my face around here. With only a couple exceptions, every single range around here, outdoor or indoor, forbids using FMJ rifle caliber ammo.

Doesn’t that pretty much exclude the most popular sporting rifle in the country? I mean, I get no steel core. But if they make anything else for the 5.56/223, I’ll be damned to find it.

I even asked a fella at an Academy the other day for something other than FMJ in a size 5.56 and the stink-eye he gave me led me to the conclusion I’m missing something here.
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I just looked at the link to the last range.... outdoor. No FMJ makes even less sense.
Are the berms made out of papier-mâché?

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And I thought Markham Park was bad.......
It is.

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