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Q: No Guns Allowed Signs - duty to inform

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Hi folks,

I will be traveling to your fair state for a wedding this coming weekend. I have a LTCF (License to Carry Firearms) from PA, and am aware that there is reciprocity between our States.

I have read the websites about where I can and can not carry ("BARS" - but the "resturaunt is OK, courtrooms, police stations, schools (primary, seconday, and college), polling place, govt meeting place, nuisance places...etc ...etc.) and is fairly similar to PA (except the bars..in PA = OK)

In Pa... the "NO GUNS ALLOWED" sign does not carry weight of law... if found carrying a weapon, the proprietor can ask you to leave...refuse and it is trespassing and not necessarily a weapons charge...but doesn't look good.

I have 2 questions, not readily answered by viewing the FLA website (s).

1 - Duty to inform officer of CCW (carry concealed weapon). If stopped for a motorvehicle infraction (pick one) what is the "duty to inform" the officer. In PA...there is no DUTY and is not required.

2 - NO GUNS ALLOWED - is there legal weight attached to these signs... in the highly remote chance that my weapon is "discovered" (from what I believe FLA laws to be - CONCEALED MEANS CONCEALED) or required to be used for a lawful purpose.
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Thanks for the clarifications. :thumsup

Will be in Jacksonville for a few days. Looking forward to a good time / stay in the state...hope the weather cooperates. :dancingbanana

Take care.
One clarification - the signs have no weight in Florida but if asked to leave and you don't then it is simple trespassing and that will get out in trouble with the law.
Understood...similar to Pa. - Private property rights superceede the individuals rights.

In Pa...it is a trespassing charge... read similar to FLA rules..armed trepassing.

If asked to leave...I have no problem with getting the hell out of Dodge.
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