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Purchased the new Glock

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Hi all,

Well, I purchased my Glock 19 this past Saturday at the gun show in West Palm. I tried to find one locally, but everyone was either priced over $600 or was out of stock. Guntech said they were $500 but they also said that they weren't sure when they'd get more in as Glock was backed up. They suggested I call each Thursday. :thumbsdwn So I bought it from Shoot Straight.

I'm looking forward to picking it up next weekend and heading to the range. Of course once I made the purchase, I started to notice all the wonderful Glock stuff that's available. I'll be starting threads about extended mag release buttons and buying different sights. But for now I'm just happy I'll be shooting the gun I'll carry.

On a somewhat important side note, while waiting for friends to meet me at the show, I joined the NRA. So that's cool.

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Congrats on your New Glock and becoming an NRA member :drinks
+1 on that! :thumsup
Don't forget some picts when you get it home!

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