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Props to Kholster

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Gotta give some love here. I bought a Kholster for my M&P .40 a few weeks ago and at first I was not too impressed - it is not a work of art like Dave's (Little Bear) stuff or anything like that. Instead, it is all about function and it does it very well. It's comfy well put together with good materials and is uber-adjustable. If nothing else, it is a great learning tool for those of us who are new to ccw as it lets you adjust and re-adjust until the cows come home or the leather wears out, whichever happens first. Granted it is a take on Crossbreed, Tuck This, and Comp-Tac and others but the thing Jimmy has going for him is price. I got this during the $35 sale and I think I am going to grab another one for my Glock. Heck I know I will end up with some nice custom peice down the road, prolly one of Dave's masterpieces but for the money, I know I will have a usable, comfortable holster in the meantime that won't cost much more than a single trip to the range and I gotta give props to Jimmy and Kholster for that. Well done!
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I can't help but remember that the Kholster holster's original design was essentially a direct rip-off of the Supertuck, and to me, it's telling that Kholster and Crossbreed are both based in Missouri. The design change to the nearly circular leather backing is relatively recent, and I can't help but think there was an infringement reason for it. I could be wrong, but there are too many similarities for me to think otherwise.

Though it is pricier than the Kholster, I still prefer the Supertuck, and Crossbreed products in general. I just recently received a belt from Crossbreed and I didn't like the way my Supertuck's old kydex clips fit on the new belt. I expressed my concern to Crossbreed and got an immediate response from them to send them my mailing address so I could get their newer metal clips, free. This was on Friday. Today, I got the new clips, free of charge, and they work amazingly well. Excellent customer service response, free because they support their products, with expedited service. Can't beat that. And Crossbreed honors their lifetime warranty (not limited).

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