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Prohibited Carry

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okay, aside from the list, business owners can decide that you can't carry in their business, and must post a sign indicating that no weapons are allowed (i'm talking about businesses that are not covered by the no-carry clause in the Florida law)

However, I just came across this and am wondering what you all think about it:

In some situations, business owners post signs that appear to prohibit guns, but because the signs do not meet State or local law defining the appearance, placement, or verbiage of the sign, the sign does not carry the force of law and a permit holder can legally ignore it.

Does Florida have any laws about no carry signs?

If so, then those hand made signs in some gun shops that say 'no loaded guns' would be invalid, and we can ignore them if we're just stopping in for some ammo?

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Florida doesn't specify standards for such signs. As long as it's visible and clear, it's valid. In some states there is a required standard sign.

On the other hand, they don't carry any weight of law either. If you ignore it and get caught, you'll just get thrown out.
In Florida such signs have no force of law. If you're detected carrying and are asked to leave, whether or not there's a sign, you must leave, but you haven't committed a crime. If you're asked to leave and you don't, then you've committed armed trespass, and you're in legal trouble.
What Steve said.
The signs are bull in Florida. If you are discovered, which you shouldn't be unless you are careless and you are asked to leave, no problem, don't argue just leave. If you refuse to leave you can be charged with " Armed Trespass ", a felony. Be smart don't get discovered, or don't go where you are not wanted or leave!
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