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Problems with my new .22

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The gun is a brand new .22 Savage MKII Bolt Rifle with the heavy barrel. The load was Eley Sport .22 RF LR 40 Gr. standard velocity. The gun was thoroughly cleaned and lightly oiled the evening prior to its debut at the range today. Same for the bolt (except the surface where the bolt meets the back of the cartridge was not oiled). Action felt new and tight, but smooth prior to its first shoot.

The problem was many failures to eject...at least 12 and maybe more in the 100 I shot. The back of the cartridge case would ride back on the bolt and stay there hung up on the ejector claw. I'd have to dig the case out from the end of the bolt with the tip of my little finger before I could close the bolt and chamber another round from the magazine. It helped to eject without a problem if I aggressively pulled back on the bolt with a "snap" rather than a relaxed motion...but it still happened a few more times.

Being new to .22 rifles I'm not sure what to make of this. Fussy or bad ammo...break in period...something defective? I'm not even sure if this is something that warrants returning to Savage or maybe there's a fix I could try? What do you all think? :confused:
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I would try different ammo
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